Advanced Sports Technology


Improving sports performance through advanced technology

Live Streaming

Oppia sport streaming solutions are designed to help you save money by cutting out the extras.

Oppia Scouting

High end scouting service for teams and federations. Live and video match analysis incl. location coordinates.

Oppia PerformancePro

Stand alone data analysis so-ware for coaches and clubs & global sports database with over 100.000 athletes.

Oppia Media

Seamless data integration for TV, Websites and Apps. Increase broadcasting quality & fan

camera tracking

We have developed a camera system which can track players live and in real time. Our Camera Tracking solution cover all sport group users.


Our unique global sports database and webportal can be applied to any sport. Explore all the data and use it to improve your results.


An easy-to-use solution for in-depth performance analysis.

PerformancePro is a software for high performance analysis. Our Software allows you to import scouting data from any source, e.g. DataVolley.

One click in-depth, yet easy and understandable data analytics.
Save time, predict performance, discover talent, visualise data, increase fan engagement and identify valuable insights. But most important: Boost your performance to gain an edge over your competitor!



Here are some of the teams with whom we have worked

About the founder

Know more about the story behind Oppia Performance and their tool.

Anton Brams joined USA Volleyball in May, 2013 to serve as technical coordinator for the U.S. Men’s National Team, reporting to Head Coach John Speraw. Brams, a native of Berlin, Germany, was previously the technical coordinator for the men’s and women’s volleyball programs at the University of Hawaii, where he studied for his master’s degree in communicology (psychology / communications). Having studied Business and Sociology in Potsdam Germany and communication / philosophie in Berlin, Germany, Anton used his diverse background to found Oppia Performance BVBA. He is still active as a High Performance Consultant for Olympic Teams and companies in the area of high performance.

Anton’s new venture, Oppia Performance, will enable coaches, players, athlete agents and media companies to use the power of the new analytics. Volleyball was the first sport to benefit, however the methodology has been applied to other major sports.