The Oppia vision was developed in 2014 and the first data analysis software was tested early 2015. After successful tests Oppia Performance BVBA was founded in Belgium end of 2015 and has grown since then.

Already in 2016, Oppia’s products were used during the Olympics Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. With clients in all 5 continent Oppia was awarded the CIOreview 20 most promising Sports Technology Provider.

Our team is home wherever our costumers are and will provide a customized cutting edge solution for your organization


  • Anton Brams
    Anton Brams CEO & Founder

    Anton Brams joined USA Volleyball in May, 2013 to serve as technical coordinator for the U.S. Men’s National Team, reporting to Head Coach John Speraw. Brams, a native of Berlin, Germany, was previously the technical coordinator for the men’s and women’s volleyball programs at the University of Hawaii, where he studied for his master’s degree in communicology (psychology / communications). Having studied Business and Sociology in Potsdam Germany and communication / philosophie in Berlin, Germany, Anton used his diverse background to found Oppia Performance BVBA. He is still active as a High Performance Consultant for Olympic Teams and companies in the area of high performance.

    Anton’s new venture, Oppia Performance, will enable coaches, players, athlete agents and media companies to use the power of the new analytics. Volleyball was the first sport to benefit, however the methodology has been applied to other major sports.

  • Paul Kertscher
    Paul Kertscher Head of Development

    Paul is programing since he is a kid. After high school he studied physics at the Technische Universität, Berlin, but never stop developing softwares. After his diploma, he started working at the worldwide known Max Planck Institute.

    Since 2013 he is software developer at Esys GmbH, where he started to oversee the Oppia development since 2015.

  • Manuel MUller
    Manuel MUller Head of Scouting / Analysis

    Manuel Müller grew up with Volleyball. Over the years he was head coach and assistant coach of numerous premier league teams and has even coached during the champions league final round.

    He lectures coaches education and data analysis classes for more than 10 years and is responsible for our scouting quality and analyst education.

  • Robby Rochlitzer
    Robby Rochlitzer Head of Strategic Planning and Project Management

    Robby is connecting the dots for Oppia. With a PhD in informatics and decades of experience in product development, he is overseeing the process from idea and design to implementation.

    His expertise in multiple areas is essential to drive the Oppia vision.

our partners

With the following companies have a close cooperation

Esys GmbH - Germany

Esys develops low-energy miniature electronic devices for mobile applications. More than 25 years experience in Software / App Development and advanced databases makes them to one of our most important partners. Since 1992, the Berlin-based company has successfully implemented its own standard products as well as customer-specific order developments in the field of hardware and software.


Uscoutfor comes with the first virtual skybox! Ever more entrepreneurs and companies choose social media to further expand their network.

The virtual skybox of Uscoutfor responds to this need. They offer a unique networking place where you can display your love of the game and share your vision on empowering talent. Oppia and Scout developing together in a joint venture the perfect product of streaming and data analysis for volleyball and other sports.


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