At Oppia Performance we offer easy-to-use solutions for in-depth, sports data analysis. Our range of winning solutions will enable you to boost your performance and gain a crucial edge over your competitors.

To be successful in top level sports (indeed any level of sports) decision makers and players alike need the ability to make informed, data driven assessments based on a vast variety of key variables.

Due to the enormous volume of data that is available, many key variables and critical insights simply get lost in the mountains of statistics. Our mission at Oppia Performance is to turn your data into winning plays.

Live Streaming

Oppia sport streaming solutions are designed to help you save money by cutting out the extras. NO paid staff to operate. NO expensive equipment (i.e. HD cameras, external hard drives, server fees).

  • Installation can be permanent or mobile and is maintenance-free.
  • Refreshed system updates are included.
  • Online troubleshooting and customer care, 24/7.
  • Our mobile system is power and Internet-independent.
  • Installation can be completed within 30 minutes.
  • Hosting a match or sports event from a leased venue is affordable.
  • Stream every match, game or moment. Anytime.


PerformancePro is a powerful and high-quality performance analysis software. It allows you to import, collate and analyse data sets from any source. It has been specifically developed for sports coaches, managers, players, journalists and anyone with a keen interest in sports data.

All you have to do is import your files, and PerformancePro will restructure and enhance the data for you. It immediately synchronizes your database with your read only accounts. Through a highly intuitive and easy-to-use metrics platform, PerformancePro offers the ability to discover unique insights enabling users to make rapid, data driven decisions.

PerformancePro will create automatic reports for your.
This feature will save you time – lots of time!

In the past, coaches usually spent hours putting together the perfect strategy report. PerformancePro will now do that for you. You can either use one of our ready-to-use templates or get us to create your own personal report, without limitations regarding to design or content. PerformacePro creates a clean and consistent PDF report, all with the click of a button.

To ensure that your data is safe, PerformancePro includes your own secure server which instantaneously aligns new data with your existing server, ensuring that all approved users have secure access to the data anytime, anywhere.

The standalone software is connected to our webportal where users can analyse their data through a comprehensive range of methods including: video, reporting and tracking.

For more then 10 years we have been working with the leading experts in the field of performance analysis. We have identified all existing performance measurements and developed a set of never used before performance indicators. Resulting in a state of the art performance analysis software, PerformancePro.

Everything is ready for you, whether you are an expert in performance analysis or just getting started in the field. We have whatever you are looking for, simply select what you need and PerformancePro will do the math for you and will turn your data into action.


We have developed a camera system which can track players live and in real time. Our Camera Tracking solution has three primary uses:

For TV: Due to the tracking ability of the Camera Tracking system, it knows exactly where the action is taking place through a virtual cameraman and director. It automatically follows the players, zooms in and out and switches cameras to provide the best angles and shots.

As well as for live streaming, the camera signal can also be used for full TV production. Additionally, TV can have a live 2D rendering for the tracking of individual players.

For teams: The tacking ability creates enhanced and improved data. By knowing the exact position of every player at all times, you can combine this location data with other data files through our system to create unique insights.

Video feedback: Use the Camera Tracking feature as a video feedback system. Delay the replay, define drills and zoom the camera in on the technique to augment your training feedback and continuously improve performance.

oppia media

Oppia Media is designed specifically for commentators and journalists. It provides instant access to key statistics and information on players and is perfect for pre/post-game preparation and analysis.

Our top-quality scouts are available for hire to attend major events in person to provide real time reporting on live matches. We set up a network so commentators, TV trucks, production staff etc. have easy access to live statistics throughout any match.

Many leagues pull advance statistics from Oppia Performance for use on their own platforms in order to increase fan engagement. To facilitate this, we have multiple API’s for a diverse range of apps and websites.


Our unique global sports database and webportal can be applied to any sport. Many teams are having issues with different data sets that they are collecting, yet are unable to effectively collate and assess the results.

For example: a team is using system A to collect match data, system B to collect strength and conditioning data and system C to collect data about the well-being of its players. Whilst these systems might be effective at collecting the data, they do not offer a seamless and user friendly method of analysis.

Our database can import data from any system and enables deep analytics across all the data sets. It can be fully customized to, for example, correlate psychology data with performance data as well as much, much more.