We have developed a camera system which can track players live and in real time. Our Camera Tracking solution has three primary uses:

For TV: Due to the tracking ability of the Camera Tracking system, it knows exactly where the action is taking place through a virtual cameraman and director. It automatically follows the players, zooms in and out and switches cameras to provide the best angles and shots.

As well as for live streaming, the camera signal can also be used for full TV production. Additionally, TV can have a live 2D rendering for the tracking of individual players.

For teams: The tacking ability creates enhanced and improved data. By knowing the exact position of every player at all times, you can combine this location data with other data files through our system to create unique insights.

Video feedback: Use the Camera Tracking feature as a video feedback system. Delay the replay, define drills and zoom the camera in on the technique to augment your training feedback and continuously improve performance.


Our Live Technology is automated. You only need to map the matches that will be played and the system will transmit all matches online like an automatic tv “atv”. Available for anyone that is subscribed to your club or college. The ultimate in fan engagement.

The automatic tv “atv” technology is for the fans and all the fans have to do is download the app to their preferred mobile device and they can connect to your stream. Does your club has a VIP area? Increase revenue by live streaming the matches at the bar. Do you have a business club? You can stream the match there too! All of this can go automatic through your tv.

score recognition

Our solution offers score detection based on behavioral analysis. During the recording of the match our system recognizes long rallies, scores, match points. Once a long rally is detected the system will automatically create a highlight by creating a clip that summarizes the action leading up to the point.

Push Notification

Highlights are made through the automatic broadcast tv live technology. These highlights can be pushed to your fans by a push notification. This data can be shared via all major social networks and thereby creating a huge exposure! We can even add a sponsor to the highlight so that they can own these highlights for more exposure too.

Match Analysis

During matches our automatic tv “atv” broadcast software can render the match images into a 2 dimensional grid with all players and their positions and movement. This way coaches and trainers can analyse the flow of play and make immediate changes to improve the outcome of the match. All of this is automatic rendered.